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Snow. Again.


It’s not even real snow, just this slushy, sticky rubbish that makes you cold and wet with none of the prettiness. On my way in to work this morning I was forced to partake in some bicycle-biathlon, which is much like the Winter Olympics version but with a road bike. That is, you slither around on some rutted slushy snow, try not to end up in the Cam, and then shoot someone. Haven’t decided who yet, possibly a climate skeptic.


When it snows, do like the Romans. Sit indoors and drink lots of wine. Alternatively, why not go skiing? I did, and it turns out I suck quite a lot but I have slithered my way down a hill in Halifax (yes, skiing in England) all afternoon and now it hurts a lot. Memorable moments include goinig superman over the front when I hit a snowdrift, smashing through a plank when I hit a sapling, and burying myself, my skis and my dignity in a fir tree near the bottom of the run when I had lost control and decided this was better than crashing into the house at the base of the slope. I did eventually manage to link a few turns together though, so some success in the end 🙂

Maybe I should stick to something else, which I last played on our 486 in about 1997.


I’m  in Huddersfield visiting Sonya’s parents, and apparently there is now a rule that every time I drive somewhere it has to snow for days. Leaving 4 inches behind in Cambridge we arrived in a relatively snow-free Huddersfield only to get 6 inches this morning, it could be interesting getting out of the street on Tuesday.

On the upside, we did get to go sledging this afternoon which was pretty awesome. Not sure the golf-course owners will be quite so pleased when the snow disappears and they get to see what has happened to their teeing off area – the mound of earth provides the perfect kick-start to a sledging run.