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The Rest of Christmas

Slight oxymoron that one, as Christmas was very busy for us both. Boxing Day saw me blast up the A1 to Huddersfield to meet Sonya’s cousins, catch up with Andy from her lab and meet up with some of her schoolfriends, then it was back to Loddon for another round of dinner parties. We made it to the New Year, when we staggered to a little cottage near Bury St Edmunds to recover before going back to work. I can definitely recommend The Old Manse Barn if you’re looking for a comfortable and well-looked after break.


I’m  in Huddersfield visiting Sonya’s parents, and apparently there is now a rule that every time I drive somewhere it has to snow for days. Leaving 4 inches behind in Cambridge we arrived in a relatively snow-free Huddersfield only to get 6 inches this morning, it could be interesting getting out of the street on Tuesday.

On the upside, we did get to go sledging this afternoon which was pretty awesome. Not sure the golf-course owners will be quite so pleased when the snow disappears and they get to see what has happened to their teeing off area – the mound of earth provides the perfect kick-start to a sledging run.