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Has anyone seen the Doctor?

There’s a temporal disturbance in Loddon churchyard! Careful observation with my new lens clearly shows that someone has been messing with time and space.

Life at 500mm

So in a bout of consumerism, I bought a telescope for my camera that masquerades as a lens. Most of the photos from the Downing competition gallery were taken with it, as was the shot below. Hopefully it will be useful for bringing far-away things up close. Things like birds and sports; things like my credit limit…

Parakeet – a pretty pest?

A recent newspaper report said that wild parakeets were a danger to British wildlife. Escaped (or carelessly released) into a reasonably warm environment, with plentiful food and nesting opportunities, they’re larger than many garden birds and could outcompete our native species. I’d find it hard to shoot this little guy though, seen in the garden over the Bank Holiday weekend.