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Southwold – conquered!

We made it to Southwold on our bicycle jaunt. Not as quickly as hoped for, due to multiple bike-related delays, but we made it. There were disintegrating bicycle pumps, punctures, chains coming off, setting off issues, steering issues and then general “we’ve cycled 40 miles and it hurts” issues. Unfortunately my photojournalism skills are atrocious, most of the more interesting moments were spent with me covered in oil and swearing rather than taking pictures of said activity, and so you’ve missed out 🙁

I do have a couple of pictures, including proof that we made it there:

The only problem with our arrival was that it was 10 minutes after the town shut up shop for the afternoon, so we missed out on our fish and chips. This was after cycling past five open shops already that day. We were further tortured by having to zoom past a further five on the way home, when all we could do was stop for a quick drink of water.


Snow. Again.


It’s not even real snow, just this slushy, sticky rubbish that makes you cold and wet with none of the prettiness. On my way in to work this morning I was forced to partake in some bicycle-biathlon, which is much like the Winter Olympics version but with a road bike. That is, you slither around on some rutted slushy snow, try not to end up in the Cam, and then shoot someone. Haven’t decided who yet, possibly a climate skeptic.