Testing 123

Right then. After a week of chasing my new phone has arrived. A Sony Xperia arc AS on Android  đŸ™‚
Let’s see how it copes with mobile blogging. Cue blog rant: dial-a-phone might be cheap but it’s a right hassle if you need to call them!

2 thoughts on “Testing 123

  1. |[P]|

    The Arc design is rather pretty – let me know how you find it. In terms of blogging on it, are you using the keyboard it shipped with or trying some others? I’d recommend giving both SwiftKey X and Swype (I think you can still sign up for the beta) a go. As you probably know, I love the latter, but many swear by SwiftKey and it is my keyboard of choice on tablet.

  2. Sparkie Post author

    Very thin and light, which means that although it’s huge in comparison to my previous phone it doesn’t feel incongrous in my pocket. It’s fast and responsive, although at the expense of battery life, and the screen is fantastic.
    On your advice, the first thing I did was install Swype, and convert Sonya to it as well.
    Full review to follow, possibly at the end of this week if I can get a signal from the hospital.

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