Mud, mud, glorious mud

Much to Adam’s confusion, I have indeed spent today driving around collecting mud. It has been successful too, I now have a backpack full of little plastic bags of the stuff 🙂

Typhoon Morakot managed some quite impressive sediment deposition, these two are standing on top of a flood deposit that has already been somewhat flattened off by a bulldozer:


2 metres of flood deposit

Venturing upstream, the damage was even more pronounced, with an entire riverbank buried when the river changed course.

There used to be fields all the way from here to the road

Standing in what is now the river, there used to be fields over this entire area

However the most interesting part of the day was finding a stream that had been completely filled with logs washed down in the floods. Some of these were cedar, so there were lots of people with chainsaws hoping to strike it lucky and find some $1000 driftwood. I just took pictures:

A river of logs

A river of logs

2 thoughts on “Mud, mud, glorious mud

  1. Adam

    4 things:

    – How hard is it to fail at collecting mud? I mean, really?

    – The lack of a “I remember when all this was fields” joke disturbs me greatly.

    – River of logs is awesome.

    – Helping to test the comments system. 🙂

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