It is the 29th birthday of the University today, so there were activities all morning including some obscure frisbee target-practice game. In teams of five, each member had three throws at a target made of magnetic numbers. Whoever knocked out the most points won something. I say something, because apparently we won and I might get a delivery on Monday. There seemed to be a lot of missing for what was quite a short throwing distance and so I was quite puzzled by how I seemed to be the only person able to hit the target more than once with my three throws. My 16 points took our team up to 29 points overall, at which point there were a few high-fives and we all sloped off for some lunch, which mostly consisted of “seafood my grandmothers would have avoided”

In the afternoon I went sightseeing Sparkie-style, which is mostly a diffusion process. It involved wandering around the local area for a while, then deciding to head into the city. The shiny new metro system has a touch-screen map to choose your destination, so I chose at random and got off when it reached my stop. Using the map and my GPS I discovered I was a short walk from the Central Park, so I went there. Here is the result:

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