Bye bye SRCF

Cambridge have finally pulled the plug on my accounts, my Hermes is no more, and my long-suffering SRCF account will die in due course as well. Time to move on. I’m not sure how good they are, but for now 1&1 internet will be looking after the junkyard. The web address will stay the same. The databases have, eventually, managed to move across, and everything should work as before. If anything doesn’t, please leave a comment. If comments don’t work then you’ll have to be inventive.

More substantial and interesting posts to follow, I promise.

2 thoughts on “Bye bye SRCF

  1. Jon

    Seems fine to me. I’ve always tried to separate hosting and domains for eggs-in-basket reasons and because domain sellers are usually bad hosts. For hosting I used NFS for a long time because they do things right and don’t oversell (if you’ve been fine with SRCF, the learning curve shouldn’t be steep). But I since moved to Hostgator because they had some great deals and I can now have as many domains and sites as I want 🙂

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