Movember – Day 1

For the uninitiated, Movember involves growing a moustache to raise money and awareness for male cancer.

For the initiated, which now includes all of you, I’m taking part in Movember along with my Dad and as many other people as can be persuaded. I’ll be charting my hirsuteness here and at my Movember webspace, through which you can donate money to various good causes. Any contributions, however small, are gratefully received and will help me to justify the beautiful ‘tache to Sonya, who is about as keen on facial hair as she is on Hitler. Ooh, hang on, now there’s a good idea!

Technically it’s moustache day one today, but since you start with a clean face it’s actually five-o-clock shadow from my midnight shearing, selective hair preservation begins tonight!

Please note the background – a working LC-MS machine! This has been broken since I started my post-doc, so I can finally get going on the sample analysis 🙂


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