Fake degree day AD (after downing)

Having received no bribes not to publish, nor any superinjunctions, it’s time to talk about the second half of the MA day.

So reuniting 120 people after 3 years and then giving them near-limitless college own-label wine was never going to end prettily. I’m not saying it ended badly though, as we were whisked back 6 1/2 years to the times when work was forgotten, taxes were things that paid us, dessert was eaten without spoons (thanks Ollie) and wine went down in one gulp (and my word, did this stuff need downing).

Next step – making use of my free termly dinner 🙂

1 thought on “Fake degree day AD (after downing)

  1. Ravi

    Rob, these are very very funny. And, at the moment, they make up a significant proportion of my memories of the evening…

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