On my way home…

That’s it – my time in Taiwan is over and I’m now at the departure gate in Hong Kong. It’s 2.30 pm here, but I need to get used to British time again, which is apparently 07.14 🙁 Worse, i won’t be back until gone midnight, which is over 17 hours away. Fun times. At  least there is free wifi in the lounge, which gives me a chance to do this, and send in the turn for our latest Solium Infernum battle.

I’m flying through the day this time, so endless movies and books are the order of the day, rather than trying and failing to sleep. Although with a 6.45 am start (yes that’s 11.45 pm yesterday in UK time) and a frantic rush around Taipei – dragging  20 kg of rocks of course –  to find the right bus to the airport I could do with a nap.

Right – boarding time I think, see you on the other side of the world!

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