Is it worth the 15-hour flight for some more?

Tonight is my last night in the hotel here, and it I can’t leave without saying something about the food. Admittedly it is expensive by local standards, but that makes it average by British standards and as we found in Bangalore that is a pretty good way to choose a restaurant. Highlights of the week have been bacon-wrapped scallops and some huuuge grilled king prawns, but tonight is the star. Once again the steak has trumped anything I’ve had in the UK, although it hasn’t quite taken Giancarlo’s crown.

Choosing “Beef tenderloin ‘La Rossini'”, mostly because I didn’t know what it would be, I was rewarded with a perfectly-cooked fillet steak topped with pate and mushrooms. While this has made my taste-buds happy I have doubts on usefulness of an ever-expanding waistline for my sporting abilities, this weekend’s lacrosse might be somewhat interesting. In case I never manage to play sport again, here is a photo of the frisbee player I once was (check out that tongue action!)


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